Get Inspired!

We are happy to share resources that we think will be of value to students, teachers and community members engaged in urban schooling issues. These are directly connected to the speakers you will see at the 2012 Urban Education conference.

1.  No History is Illegal – link to the curriculum series in support of Curtis Acosta and the Save Ethnic Studies movement

2. Emulate, Don’t Eliminate, Tucson’s Mexican-American Studies Program by Keith Catone of the Annenberg Institute. An overview of the fight against ethinc studies in AZ

3.  Save Ethnic Studies – the central website for Curtis Acosta and his team in the fight to save Mexican American Studies

4. Rift in Arizona as Latino Class is Found Illegal – article in the New York Times updating the status of ethnic studies in AZ

5. Breaking: The “Madness” of the Tucson Book Ban: Interview With Mexican American Studies Teacher Curtis Acosta on The Tempest – an overview of the AZ book banning

6. Look at House Bill 2281, the legislation Save Ethnic Studies is fighting against


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